Savory Cast Iron Ribeye

Beef. It’s what’s for dinner.. and tonight that was case! This steak got to dance with the ‘savory sisters’ rosemary, sage and garlic. We can’t forget butter either! I made this meal in under 30 minutes and it was gone even faster! The recipe is under ‘Beef and Chicken’! I’m excited to see y’all try this one!

– The Sunfloweress

Prep. 10 mins Cook. 7-10 mins total. (2-3 minutes on each side per ribeye.)

Slowly, But Surely!

The first two recipes are up! I have added my Apple Pie recipe to  ‘Pies and Dessert’ and I have also included my recipe for homemade Cinnamon Rolls with Cream Cheese Icing to ‘Breakfast’!

I hope yall are as excited as I am every time I put up a new recipe!

-The Sunfloweress

Summer Down South

Truck's Loaded TX Bound.
Truck’s Loaded TX Bound.

This summer Aspen and I are headed to Texas! I have accepted an internship in the Dallas Fort Worth area. I hope to do as much traveling as I can while I’m here. A few things on my “Texas Bucket List” are :

1. Visit the Fort Worth Stockyards and attend a noon church service at the Cowboy Church.

2. Go to ‘First Monday Trade Days’ in Canton, TX.

3. Take a road trip to West Monroe, Louisiana to visit the Duck Commander warehouse. duh.

4.Visit Round Top, TX. the antique capital of the world.

5. Eat Texas BBQ, this might be a challenge since I am from the home of BBQ Kansas City.

6. Go to Luckenbach, TX. Waylon Jennings swayed my vote.

7. Eat at ‘The Salt Lick’ in Driftwood TX.

8. Buy a pair of steer horns for the entry way of my house.

9. Visit Caddo Lake in TX/LA and explore the bayou.

10. Drive Texas Hill Country.

Any Texas residents have any ‘Musts’ I should add to my list? I am excited to explore the Lone Star State!