Lets talk about my favorite breakfast food



I love scrambled eggs. In any style really, I like them plain, I like them with cheese, I like them with veggies, I like them with salsa but my all time favorite way to eat scrambled eggs is with ketchup. Yes, ketchup. I have been praised by other ‘egg n’ ketchup’ fans and I have gotten some strange looks from the other side of the table in the morning.

I don’t drown them in the tomato goodness. All you need is a light drizzle and you are ready to eat! It might because there’s a salty and sweet taste going on or it might be a sign that I eat way too many eggs. Try it and tell me what you think!

Here’s a few tips I always remember when making the perfect scrambled eggs.

– Some people add a little bit of milk, really if you whip or scramble the eggs enough you shouldn’t have to!

– Low to medium heat and constantly stir to prevent burnt spots that have sat still for too long.

-Add all your toppings at the end! If you add them in the beginning you will lose some of the flavor.

Enjoy! -The Sunfloweress

4 thoughts on “Lets talk about my favorite breakfast food

  1. Since you will be spending some time in TX soon, you should try salsa on your scrambled eggs. Or just fully commit to the breakfast taco. Either option is a good way to enjoy scrambled eggs, Texan-style 🙂

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