“Fly Traps” You’ll Catch More Flies with Honey than Vinegar!

Fly Traps


Time to spend some quality time with your kiddos.. In the kitchen! Or have a quick and easy breakfast on your way to work.

I came up with this snack on accident. This fun little treat could be a healthy alternative to ice cream for dessert or an afternoon snack! It’s easy, quick, fun and messy to eat! All of the elements present in making a child smile! All you need are a few ingredients you probably already have lying around the kitchen.

– Apples

– Peanut Butter

– Granola

– Raisins

– Chocolate Chips

– Honey

First take the apple and slice it in half. Then remove the core and fill with peanut butter. This part is an easy and fun part that the kids can do, have them or yourself add the toppings. Granola, raisins and chocolate chips! Lastly drizzle with honey and enjoy!

– The Sunfloweress

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