Summertime Snackin’

When the temperatures rise, my appetite falls. I find myself snacking throughout the day rather than eating meals. It’s somethin’ about this Texas heat I swear. I thought I would share some of the things that I love to keep around.

The key to healthy snacking is….. Meal prep.

Lets face it when you are looking to snack you aren’t looking to cook. If you can’t grab it ready to go, it’s too much work. I make several snacks in quantity that will last over time! A few of my favorites are:

– Pre-cut fresh fruit! The reason why your fruit is going bad in your fridge or your kids aren’t eating it when you buy it, is because it’s not pre-cut haha. Yes, humans are lazy.

– Caprese bites! Take pearls of fresh mozzarella, cherry or grape mini tomatoes and bits of fresh basil. String em’ all on a tooth pick and you’re ready to go! Also have some balsamic dressing around this pairs beautifully!

– Lemon pepper chicken. Yes, I snack on meat alone. It’s good warm or cold in my opinion. Use olive oil and a little bit of lemon pepper and cook a couple of breasts cut up into small pieces. I like having it ready in the fridge if you feel like tossing a salad together. Hey, it’s the lazy days of summer, use that excuse as long as you can!

Stay cool y’all.

The Sunfloweress

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