French Toast with Pan Fried Bananas

Sunday’s are my favorite. Today I made french toast topped with pan fried bananas. Drizzle with a little honey and maple syrup and you’re ready to eat! This recipe makes light and fluffy toast with lots of flavor.

What you’ll need:

– Multigrain bread

– Eggs

– Whipping Cream

– Water

– Cinnamon

– Vanilla Extract

– Butter

– Bananas

– Honey

– 100% pure maple syrup

First make your a flat bowl mix the eggs, cream and vanilla. Next drench your sliced bread on both sides. In a heated pan with butter melted, place the sliced bread in to cook for a few minutes on each side. As for the bananas I used the same pan I cooked the toast in and added a little butter. I put sliced bananas evenly throughout the pan and sprinkled cinnamon over the top while they fried on the bottom.

Now serve the pan fried bananas on top of your toast and drizzle warm maple syrup on top!


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