Pretzel Fruit Crisp

IMG_9550 copy

Stay in and get cozy with a warm fruit crisp. Whether it’s snowing or raining or just cloudy and you’re looking for something yummy to snack on during a movie this is the answer. I decided to try something a little different this time. Instead of oats I crushed up some pretzels and tossed in some brown sugar, flour, spices and butter to make the crispy topping.

The salty and sweet combination was perfect! I may never use oats again! The top came perfectly to a crunchy crisp and gave the fruit an amazing flavor. Toss a scoop of Ice Cream on top! Mmm.

What you’ll need:


Butter (melted)

Brown Sugar






Any kind of fruit filling: (I used apples because I had some left over) Also honey is good drizzled over the top!


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