A Thanksgiving Story : Feeding Families Pie

I picked up a book the other day a coworker had recommended to me called ‘Kisses from Katie’ it’s one of those books that you just can’t put down and make your heart all warm and fuzzy. But early on in the book the author states something that flipped how I look at the world on its head.

“For years I fantasized about doing something incredible for God and others; what I have learned is that I can do nothing incredible, but as I follow God into impossible situations, He can work miracles in and through me.” She said. Isn’t it funny how everything and everyone that comes into your life serves a purpose? You have no ability to understand that purpose until it hits you like a big brick wall.

It never makes sense, when you feel called to do something for someone or start something in your life you never thought you would. Like pies. I had a crazy idea a few months ago to start a pop-up pie shop. I had seen some success in my blog and I knew I loved to bake pies. Even more than baking pies, I loved what a pie from me meant to someone else and I needed to share that with the world. A friend from college reached out to me and started to tell me about something she was trying to do. She dedicates everyday of her life to helping people; she works for a ministry called A Simple House on the east side of Kansas City.

She was in need of someone who had some pie knowledge. Well, I have pie knowledge. Together with the help of her Husband and some friends we made pies for 50 families to have this Thanksgiving. This was my brick wall moment. Was this part of the story God was telling me? I had a random, scary, exciting idea to make pies on the side. Just a few months’ later 50 families have a pie that someone made for them because they care. I have a whole lot to be thankful for this year.

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